best masters in finance programs

Working in the finance sector: Studying for a Master’s degree

A degree program in the finance sector often involves an international program. German universities also offer such courses, but most are held in English-speaking countries. While searching for the best program to obtain a master’s degree in finance, a look at the programs abroad should definitely be part of the process. The search for the “best masters in finance programs” always leads to prestigious universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. Institutes like Harvard University, Columbia University and also Stanford are as highly regarded here as the London Business School.

Making a decision is not always easy, especially when there are so many variables and factors to consider. Every student has their own needs and preferences – and in the endless sea of bachelor’s and master’s programs in finance, it’s very easy to get lost. Although it may seem difficult, it is advisable to consider what field you would like to work in afterwards before choosing a degree program.

Professions in the financial sector without a degree

Even without a degree, it is possible to work in the financial sector. The classic apprenticeship as a businessman or businesswoman for insurance and finance or as a bank clerk. However, it is not uncommon for these apprenticeships to be subsequently combined with further training or an advanced degree.

best masters in finance programs

Work as an investment banker

As an investment banker, you look after other people’s or companies’ money. Informing and advising on financial products, investment opportunities, financial strategies and everything to do with money, are part of the everyday tasks. They also help companies to prepare financially for mergers and acquisitions, and they prepare and present market and risk analyses. In this profession, you take on a lot of responsibility right from the start, after all, you are often dealing with large sums of money that do not belong to you.

Work as a fund manager

Fund managers are investment experts. They work for fund and investment companies, banks or even insurance companies and pension funds. They invest their clients’ money as profitably as possible. An important part of their job is also to acquire new customers who invest in the funds they have put together themselves. To this end, they make investment decisions that correspond to predefined funds or investment strategies and risk levels.

Asset manager

Accordingly, an asset manager is a further specialized fund manager. They often offer the increasingly popular ETFs, which are offered by financial institutions but are not usually banks themselves. Mutual funds are launched by asset managers and motivate customers to invest in them. Support and thus customer care is also an important task. Classic fund managers are thus only directly approachable when a certain customer size is reached and are otherwise supported by customer service employees.

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