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The healing effect of crystals – what’s behind it?

Crystals have a strong attraction to people for a long time. The effect of crystals, which are mainly used in spiritual and healing applications, is appreciated by many people who believe in them. Do crystals have energetic powers in addition to their beautiful appearance?

The history of crystals and their healing properties

Crystals have a long history in healing. Even in ancient times, they were valued for their healing properties. The ancient Greeks believed that crystals were sent by the gods and gave them magical powers. In the Middle Ages, crystals were used in alchemy to cure diseases and prolong life. Even today, crystals are used in alternative medicine to activate the body’s self-healing powers and improve well-being. The healing properties of crystals are said to be based on their ability to absorb, store and release energy. Each crystal is said to have a unique vibration and thus affect the body and psyche in different ways. Although the healing effects of crystals have not been scientifically proven, there are many people who report their positive experiences with crystal therapy.

What crystals are there and what effect do they have?

Healer woman holding pure quartz crystal cluster in palms hands.There are countless types of crystals, all of which have different properties and effects. Crystals are available, for example, as semi precious stones wholesale. Some of the most famous crystals are the amethyst, rose quartz and rock crystal. The amethyst is said to help with sleep disorders and stress, the rose quartz is often called the stone of love and is said to open the heart, and the rock crystal is often called the universal healing stone and is said to help cleanse and strengthen the body. When it comes to the effect, according to the supporters of this theory, it should be noted that each crystal has an individual effect on the wearer and therefore there is no guarantee of a specific effect.

How do crystals work in the body?

Crystals are said to have an energetic vibration that can be absorbed by our body. So when we place a crystal on our skin or place it in our room, it is said to help us balance our energy centers and clear blockages through these vibrations. Each crystal is said to have a specific vibration and therefore can be used for certain physical or emotional problems. For example, amethyst can help with sleep problems, while rose quartz can help increase self-love and compassion. The effect of crystals on the body is not scientifically proven, but many people report positive experiences with their use.

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